Belgian’s recent court ruling banning Muslim woman from wearing full-face coverings was upheld. At issue was whether anyone has a legal right to be virtually “masked” within a civil society. And thankfully common sense prevailed and the European Court upheld the ruling outlawing the burka.

The court purposely pointed out stating within it’s ruling that banning face coverings and burkas is a “necessary restriction in a democratic society.”

Moreover, the court ruled in 2011 Belgian sought to guarantee social cohesion, by instituting the ban. Furthermore, the law prohibits anyone appearing in public “with a face masked or hidden, in whole or in part, in such a way as to be unidentifiable.”

The court further ruled that the “protection of the rights and freedoms of others' and that it was 'necessary in a democratic society.”

The European Court of Human Rights had already addressed a similar case in 2014 and ruled on a challenge to the French law when it also rejected arguments that the restriction of wearing traditional Muslim garb somehow breached religious freedom and individual human rights.

This recent case in Belgian was originally brought by Samia Belcacemi, a Belgian national, and Yamina Oussar, a Moroccan, who claimed that the law discriminates against Muslim woman.

After Belgium introduced the ban, Belcacemi continued wearing the veil in violation of the law, however, stopped because of social pressure and fears she would be fined. The other woman (Oussar) told the court that she had decided to stay at home, the statement from the court said.

Violating the ban can range from a fine for the first offense, and up to 7-days in jail for those that continue breaking the law. France (surprisingly enough) was the first European country in 2011, to ban the niqab.

Obviously, with the constant threat of terrorism, it makes perfect sense to ban any type of face covering and or camouflage especially within those European countries with a high concentration of Muslims…that’s the stark reality.

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Source: Daily Mail

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