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It would seem as Europe descends back into the “dark ages” of the 7th century, that both France and Germany are finally realizing that history is indeed repeating itself, and once again it will be those that are directly at risk that will finally push cowardly leaders to do the job they were elected to do, or throw them out of office.

And to that end thousands of German protesters have taken to the streets of Germany in solidarity chanting that Chancellor Merkel “must go!”

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Merkel who has been slowly destroying the wellbeing and sovereignty of her nation with her open-door immigration policy, which has finally reached critical mass, as thousands of German citizens gathered in towns and in cities all across Germany, to voice their discontent and outrage after countless acts of premeditated violence committed by marauding gangs of Muslim refugees, and welcomed in by the hapless and incompetent Chancellor.

In Berlin alone over 5,000 protesters gathered demanding Markel’s resignation, after another round of violence committed by Muslim refugees continued in various forms throughout all of Germany unabated, with the most recent rampage of an ax attack and a suicide bombing, which left 13-people dead and countless others wounded..

The continued violent onslaught began last year in Cologne on New Years Eve when over a 1,000 Muslim refugees sexually assaulted and robbed German citizens, then the German authorities attempted to unsuccessfully contain and cover-up the incident.

In France the carnage also continues unabated, with the recent beheading of a Catholic priest named Father Jacques Hamel in Normandy France, as the good Father was conducting morning mass and was brutally attacked by two Islamic terrorists.

The 84-year old priest was forced to his knees in front of his alter, as his throat was slit by the two young barbarians, who were quickly shot dead by police as they shouted ”ALLAHU AKBAR”

In a show of support for the beloved priest the community is refusing to bury the terrorists within their city or be given a Muslim send-off my locals.


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