Nadia Murad

President Obama may still believe ISIS is the “JV Team” as he derisively called it two years ago, and he may even believe that it is “contained” as he claimed only hours before terror attacks rocked Paris last year.

His Attorney General, Loretta Lynch may believe with all the idealism of the 1960s that “the most effective response against terrorism is compassion, unity, and love.”

It may even be that Obama’s foot soldiers Vice-President Joe Biden, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and presumptive Democrat nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton believe “championing the rights of women,” means applauding Bruce/Caitlin Jenner receiving a “Woman of the Year” award.

It would be hard, however, to imagine any of them daring to look 21-year-old Nadia Murad in the eye and listen to what she has to say about ISIS, terror, and a very real war against women that is conducted in dungeons where kidnapped girls are held as sex slaves by consciousness soldiers of radical Islam.

The young Yazidi woman was kidnapped by ISIS the same day that her mother and six brothers were slaughtered as the group, known as Daesh in the Middle East, overtook her village, and carried off young girls as captives.

The Yazidis have been targeted for genocide by ISIS for their faith, one of the most ancient religions in the region.

Speaking to the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Murad offered condolences for the loss of life in the terror attack in Orlando on June 12, adding that it did not surprise her.

“I knew if ISIS were not stopped, they would deliver their crimes everywhere.”

But, instead of paying heed to the words of someone who has seen first hand the cruel and relentless hand of ISIS, Democrat lawmakers staged a sit-in about… guns.

Murad – a young woman who suffered the loss of her entire family and was dragged off to endure years of physical and sexual abuse, also spoke of guns.

“Daesh will not give up their weapons unless we force them to give up their weapons,” she testified, through a translator.

Murad warned the Committee that ISIS is waging war not only against her own people, but against Christians and other minorities in the region, saying, “if they are not protected they will be wiped out.”

But House Democrats were too busy making posters, singing songs, eating pizzas on the floor of Congress, and posing for selfies to listen.

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