Once again, Eric Holder’s Justice Department is putting frontline police officers across the nation in jeopardy by forcing them to second-guess years of finely honed investigative skills, and by demanding that they surrender the initiative in the battle against crime on the streets. In the wake of the New York City Grand Jury’s decision not to indict the police officers in the Eric Gardner case, the nation’s top law enforcement officer has leveled charges of racism against the entire length of the Blue Line.

Holder Accuses Cops of "Unconscious Bias"

As if patrolling the tough streets of America were not already hard enough for our nation’s police officers, Holder’s Justice Department has planted the seed of doubt, known as "unconscious bias," into the heads of officers who under the best of circumstances might only have split seconds in which to make a life saving decision.

A five-year long federal program, dubbed Modal Trigger, has sought to reset the way police officers deal with people of color. Efforts to end effective police techniques, such as suspect profiling, have now extended to the ludicrous, with federal training officers training officers to be wary of unconscious bias in the performance of their duties. These probes have been extended to include more than fifteen police agencies and the NYPD is next on the Attorney General’s hit list.

According to a recent federal review of the Seattle Police Department, the justice department notes that "implicit bias causes cops to ‘subconsciously’ discriminate by making disproportionate stops of non-whites." To clarify, "Biased policing is not primarily about the ill-intentioned officer, but rather the officer who engages in discriminatory practices subconsciously."

False Assumptions and Bad Policing Policies

While "Unconscious Bias" might sound good bouncing around the ivory towers of legal academia, the theory has failed to be proven out on the streets. Indeed, the basis for these federal probes is simply the federal belief that police officers stop and arrest black people, in greater proportion to whites, simply based on an unconscious basis. This belief completely ignores the investigative skills and experience of beat cops who are intimately involved with the policing of their community.

The effect however, is that officers are backing away from active policing activities for fear of falling under federal censure. In the aforementioned Seattle study, Holder mandated that Seattle PD soften its use-of-force rules and police in a biased free manner. The result of Holder’s moves, there has been a decline in proactive policing in Seattle and a jump in violent crimes. Crime in the city is up 13% overall, and violent crimes like aggravated assaults and murder are up 14% and 21% respectively.


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