At this point, everybody has heard of the allegations brought against Fox News anchor Eric Bolling by another Fox News employee.

According to the allegations brought about, Bolling sent a number of 'inappropriate' pictures to female coworkers at Fox.

This all came out in a report published by the Huffington Post.

This has clearly had a lot of backlash and repercussions for Eric Bolling, and he's not taking this sitting down.

News broke recently that Bolling is launching a 50 million dollar lawsuit against the Huffington Post writer that put this story out there to the public.

The Huffington Post writer in question, Yashar Ali has already responded, and it looks like he's dug in like a tick.

The Washington Examiner had this to say:

Fox News host Eric Bolling is suing Huffington Post reporter Yashar Ali for defamation after he was suspended last week following a report that he sent lewd photos of male genitalia to his female co-workers.

Bolling is seeking $50 million from Ali for a myriad of damages including, “reputable, monetary, special, and punitive.” Bolling is also seeking relief for “costs and fees,” according to a copy of the summons tweeted by CNN reporter Tom Kludt.

50 million is a lot of money to sue for and a lawsuit like that would certainly not be cheap. Boling must believe that he's got a good chance at winning this one.

So far Bolling still insists that he is innocent. We're sure to find out a lot more as this entire situation progresses.

Please comment below and let us know what you think of Bolling's case.

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