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Who would ever have imagined that a mere 9-months ago a swaggering bleached blond, politically incorrect, New York multi-billionaire, TV host and real estate mogul, would be only a few delegates shy of becoming the Republican Presidential Nominee, and capturing the all time record of 11.1 million votes by any Republican Primary Candidate in party history, and surpassing former President George W. Bush who won 10.8 million votes in the 2000 Republican Primary.

There’s no doubt we as American’s have witnessed history in the making, a “political revolution” that will be discussed, dissected, argued and pontificated by political talking heads for decades to come.

A successful businessman with no political experience, took on the political establishment and won…”remarkable’!

Trump continues to outshine them all and currently needs less than 90 delegates to win the Republican Nomination for President.


Trump has more primary wins (27), more overall state wins (30), the highest percentage of primary wins (87%), the highest percent of overall state wins (71%), the highest percent of primary delegates (74%), the highest percent of overall delegates (67%), and the highest percentage of votes (60%) than the final top four Republican and Democrat candidates.

Not to shabby for a guy who was considered a joke, a cartoon, by both the political establishment and the mainstream media…and one can’t help but recall that another candidate was equally vilified and ridiculed, his name was Ronald Reagan, our 40th President.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit


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