We often hear pundits turn to the "Nurturing Mother" and "Strict Father" metaphors to explain voting behavior in America. When the country wants toughness, they vote for the "Strict Father" Republicans, but, when the country is in need of some coddling, they seek out the "Nurturing Mother" Democrats.

Unfortunately, given the current state of welfare in America, it seems Obama’s administration has taken "Nurturing Mother" to the extreme.

Many welfare recipients no longer use the program as temporary aid to stay afloat during down times, but as a cradle-to-grave entitlement. Recipients view welfare as something they’ve earned for being born in America. While other more liberal countries, like Canada and France, constantly battle this welfare mentality, the United States has always been proud of its ambitious and hard-working spirit. So what’s changed?

President Obama refused to re-institute welfare-to-work rules. Instead of encouraging people to actively look for and find employment, Obama is sending them taxpayer earned dollars for nothing. It might seem like the "nurturing" thing to do, but the only thing it’s nurturing is laziness and dependence.

One time there was a glitch in the food stamp system in Georgia, leaving welfare recipients without their allotment. People freaked out. They spent all day at government offices, banging on windows, and shouting in the street. They ran-out of food and couldn’t feed their children. Without their "Nurturing Mother", they had no idea how to put food on their table. Worst of all, they didn’t seem to think they had any responsibility in the matter.

Welfare-to-work does exactly what President Obama said he wanted to do – help Americans get back to work. Welfare-to-work assists with job searches and job training. It teaches job retention and self-sustainability. Most of all, it reduces the burden on taxpayers and improves the economy. It doesn’t take a Nobel-prize winning economist to know that people with jobs spend more money and therefore create more jobs.

Like many Americans, I grew up with both a nurturing mother and a strict father in my household. As nurturing as my mother was, she was also responsible. There’s no way she would raise a child to rely on the charity others – especially not the charity of American taxpayers. If Obama and his "Nuturing Mother" administration is confused by this notion, I’m sure my mother, and many others like her, would be happy to explain it to them.


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