Within the last several months we've been reporting that government benefits will be running out for those welfare recipients that either cannot find employment or join a job-training program.

Food Stamp recipients have two more months to comply with the directive or lose their benefits, which will impact over 1.1 million individuals within 21-states.

The government program feeds over 45 million U.S. residents, who receive food stamp benefits however the new directive targets able-bodied adults aged 18 to 49 and requires them to work, volunteer or receive job training for 80 hours a month or lose their benefits after a period of three months.

States that could see the most dramatic number of food stamp recipients kicked off the program are Florida with 300,000, Tennessee with 150,000 and North Carolina with 110,000, according to the Associated Press.

Obviously requiring someone to simply commit themselves to 80 hours a month, to at least at minimum volunteer their time, would seem more than a reasonable request, however there’s always a progressive attempting to excuse malfeasance such as president Dave Krepcho of the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida saying; “able-bodied” adults who still struggle to find steady employment, the new requirements “means less food, less adequate nutrition.”

Perhaps if Krepcho actually took the time to read through the directive, before making foolish comments, he could actually become a vital part in getting some of these able-bodied individuals off the merry-go-round to become productive individuals.

Do you think this is a positive change for America?

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Source: Opposing Views



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