A resounding “RIGHT ON!” to this mom. Clearly she knows what it takes to raise a teenager. Not only that, but an on-the-verge of manhood young guy who is hitting puberty and needs to have all those wacky hormones reigned in.

Young Aaron Havisham is the son of a single mom who works very hard to provide for his every need. He boy has gained some notoriety on YouTube and has start raking in some bucks.

With puberty comes attitude, and Aaron began throwing some his mom’s way. He began letting his mother know he was becoming a self-made man. As such, he did not need to follow the rules, do his homework or his chores.

Oh, really…let’s just say mom brought her son’s atmospheric orbit back to earth real fast with some awesome parental gravitational pull. With money and fame comes responsibility.

Those responsibilities include earning one’s keep and paying for the amenities of life—like a bedside lamp.

We won’t give away the juicy details. You can read her “love note” to her boy here.


Suffice it to say, mom’s lesson appears to have had some impact. “Later, that same night, he came back into my room and sat on the foot of my bed and asked if we could talk,” she posted to her Facebook page.

That is how you parent a teenager. You levy a firm hand, offer guidance, give choices, and dole out consequences. In this way you raise your children to make the right choices in life or suffer the ill-fated consequences.

It is better they learn those lessons under your roof, so that when they are out on their own they are not inept and unable to cope.

Source: Mad World News



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