A group of Muslim school girls in Switzerland decided their religion exempted from certain parts of the school curriculum for the simple reason that the would have to take a class alongside male classmates. The girls demanded that the school cater to their  demand with special segregated classes for boys and girls. However, they were about to get a serious reality check.

The school decided that these girls could not make them bow down to Sharia and provide gender-segregated classes and, as a result of their outlandish behavior officials decided to deny them something else, as well.

The request for segregated schooling has been more successful than you would think in many European countries. People have become so afraid of being labeled a bigot that they have let Muslims come into their country and walk all over them demanding Sharia law take the place of their own.

Switzerland has not followed this trend. They have decided to stand up against these ungrateful and entitled brats, and show them that if they want to take refuge in Switzerland, they better learn the customs and follow the rules.

The families of the schoolgirls in Switzerland were well aware of the disciplinary actions that would be taken against their daughters if they continued to refuse to comply with the federal curriculum.

That's when authorities had to step in and give them a non-Sharia lesson. Authorities learned that the girls had applied for Swiss citizenship, but the fact that the girls not only refused to comply with the swiss customs observed by all Swiss citizens, but actually tried to enforce their own culture on the Swiss was proof enough that they had no desire to be Swiss, but rather to make the Swiss bow down to Sharia.

The Swiss government determined that the schoolgirls had no intent to assimilate and complete the same curriculum that every other student completes, regardless of religious background, ethnicity, or race

As a result, the girls were denied citizenship and their families were fined the customary $1,200 used to discourage seclusion and apartheid.

That should serve as an example of anyone who wants to come into someone else's country and refuse their ways of life and try to impose their own. If you are going to be a guest in someone's country, then you better act like and get with the program.

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Source: Mad World News


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