A veteran soldier hired a baker to make him a cake. When he realized the baker was a Muslim, he had his wife cancel the order.

The man’s wife sent the Muslim baker a message that said because her husband had fought in Iraq “for our country against your people,” they would be cancelling their cake order. Hubby has even “changed his new doctor because the new one he was referred to was Muslim, and he just said some things and said he doesn’t feel comfortable having you make our cake.”

Agree with him or not, it’s a free country and he can hire whoever he wants to bake him a cake. The baker was a bit overwhelmed, “I was trying to understand it, trying to comprehend what I was reading, and I was just in complete shock,” Ms. Mohamed told Fox17.

“My only response to her was ‘My people? What does that mean?’” Mohamed is a Somali immigrant married to a US Navy veteran, who also happens to be Muslim.

On the one hand you have a veteran who spent years fighting radical Islam in defense of this nation. On the other hand you have a veteran Muslim who served in defense of this nation. His wife happens to bake cakes.

Each are Americans.

We are a nation of diverse faiths and we are not supposed to be behaving like this. Unfortunately, with the PC world we live in, and the pro-radical Islamic stance by our nation’s leadership, people like the baker and her veteran husband are caught up in the drama.

How sad.

We thank both men for their service to this nation and we hope this madness soon comes to an end.

Source: Mad World News


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