“Somebody needs to pay for all my children…”

“Somebody need to be held accountable.”

That is the sentiment of a Tampa, Florida welfare hoochie-momma of 15 kids. She was seemingly absent the day her school sat all the girls down in the auditorium and explained where babies come from.

While Florida might be alright with funding what comes of her promiscuity and lazy lifestyle, Mississippi isn’t. 

Back in July, 2014, Mississippi made it a requirement that welfare recipients undergo drug testing. Now, the state has another set of equally fantastic rules for those on food stamps.

You will work at least 20-hours a week, or you will volunteer in a state approved manner to earn your food stamps. In doing so, Mississippi joins 10 other states across our union that have said enough is enough.

Mississippi is interested in eliminating those gamers of the welfare programs, to include drug addicts and baby mommas.

Those people will either become functioning members of society, or they can figure it out some other way. There are no more excuses for sitting at home, playing on their Obama-phones, and doing nothing to contribute to society.

Interestingly, this has been well-received in some welfare circles. These would be the people who are not leaches, who are not drug addicts, who are truly down on their luck, and for whom this social safety net was meant for.

It provides them with purpose and dignity, and hopefully some networking so that they can get back in the game of life. Great job Mississippi!

Source: Mad World News



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