One spoiled law held that common liberal belief that she was above the law and completely refused when she was asked to remove Black Lives Matter pin in this Ohio courtroom. Now she's about to learn the hard way that when you break the law the law can bite back hard.

In a Municipal Courtroom in Youngstown, Ohio attorney Andrea Burton had to be removed from the courtroom by Municipal Court Judge Robert Milich for outright refusing to remove a Black Lives Matter pin when she was asked to do so.

Now, Burton is found to be in contempt and has since been sentence to 5 days in jail. This sentence has however, been put on hold pending appeal provided that she abstain from wearing any other racially or politically charged pins or additional statement while inside the courtroom.

Otherwise, she's back in the slammer.

Milich told WKBN-TV that he had no intention of interjecting his own ideas or political views in the courtroom. In fact, he had asked Burton to remove the pin to do the exact opposite. Milich was trying to prevent any political opinions from making their way into their courtroom and in turn having biased influence.

"A judge doesn’t support either side," said Judge Milich. "A judge is objective and tries to make sure everyone has an opportunity to have a fair hearing, and it was a situation where it was just in violation of the law."

A video of the incident can be seen below.

Milich made sure to refer to a Supreme Court case that supported his claim saying that judges are essentially granted carte blanche when deciding if political statements are allowed in the courtroom or not.

"The judge has the right in any circumstance that they think that some issue or matter will be disruptive to the court or a distraction to the court, they can ask that individual to remove that object," stated legal analyst Matt Mangino.

Still this overwhelming amount of history to back up Judge Milich's actions has been ignored by many social activists including the NAACP.

They are trying to prove the preposterous notion that it was in fact judge Milich that violated Burton's constitutional rights.

"No one wearing an American flag button, no one wearing a crucifix or a Star of David would be removed, so why this particular statement bothered him so much is bothersome," commented local community activist Kim Akins.

You don't see Christians and Jews protesting police and gunning them down in cold blood over a massive hateful political movement, do you?

"There’s a difference between a flag, a pin from your church or the Eagles and having a pin that’s on a political issue," Milich said.

This lawyer should have been able to understand, due to her knowledge and studies of the law that this judge was well within his right to ask her to remove the very controversial and politically charged pin, especially at a time when tensions are so high all across America.

The last thing this country needs is more BLM thugs making a scene and challenging the law because they feel like they are entitled to do so.

This really is a lesson for all of these Black Lives Matter thugs out there that think that they can break the law and if anything happens to them it's because the police are 'racist'.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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