Illegal go home. If you choose to stay speak English. That goes for legal immigrants, and their generational offspring. This is America.

We speak English. Get with the program or go back to the glorious homeland you (or your family) left, because clearly it was so awesome you couldn’t stay there any longer.

Joey “no habla ingles” Sanchez, thought it was his right to make everybody in Wisconsin bow to his imperialist Conquistador whim. He placed an order for ice cream, in Spanish. The Leon’s Frozen Custard employee informed Joey that they were not allowed to accept ordes in anything other than English.

Well, Mr. High and Mighty Latino had some “primero” problem with that, and asked to speak with the owner. Ron Schneider, owner of Leon’s told him that English only is the rule of his shop.  According Mad World News, the phrases, “this is America,” and English has been spoke in this country “for a long, long time,” were relayed to Mr. Sanchez.

Mr. Schneider happens to be married to a Hispanic woman, so his rule is not discriminatory, but rather for the purposes of consistency and ease of running his business, for himself and his employees.

“Any foreign language is going to be a problem,“  he said. He went on to say that “It’s going to get disruptive if we have to become bilingual, trilingual, or anything else.”

This is America! SPEAK ENGLISH! Take and ESL (English as a Second Language) course is you need to. Better yet, if you don’t know English, at least try. We will work with you on that.

Sanchez won’t be going back to Leon’s anytime soon because his not being able to order ice cream in his language of choice is not fair. Yay. That just mean more ice cream for the rest of us.

Source: Mad World News



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