Remember: Islam is a religion of peace. Any attempt to defame the sacred religion is a reflection of your own inner bigotry and xenophobia. That is liberal logic 101 with respects to Islam summed up in two sentences.

What do Imams preach inside a mosque? One Imam in Switzerland preaches that infidels (all non-Muslims) deserve death in the form of a goriest execution.

The unidentified Imam, who came to Switzerland as an asylum seeker, reportedly told his congregation to "burn" infidels or anyone who insults Islam.

He was promptly arrested by Swiss authorities. During his court appearance, he invoked his religious liberty to espouse his hateful message. Thankfully, a judge did not buy into his argument and handed out swift justice that can be summed up in two words: "prison" and "deportation."

He will serve an 18-month suspended prison sentence and then be deported back to Ethiopia. The cleric can preach his hate and intolerance all he wants in his home country.

The lawyer representing the Imam, though, is your typical run-of-the-mill leftist that believes the cleric was merely a scholarly man following his religion as Allah commands.

It should be noted, by the way, that the command to burn non-believers is not only justified in Islamic teachings but even sanctioned by Muhammad himself.

There is a passage in the Quran (11:626) where the prophet advises burning those who do not leave their homes for the mosque when it's time to pray.

Muhammad even put his sadistic recommendations into practice. According to Islamic texts, in 627 A.D., the Prophet ordered his followers to burn down domiciles of a rival tribe while men, women, and children were still asleep inside.

Do you think liberals in Europe will eventually wake up to the truth about mass Muslim migrants? Or will they continue to keep their heads in the sand and proclaim Islam to be a religion of peace?

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