This entire incident can be encapsulated within one word “upbringing” or more accurately a lack of it, in that this loud-mouthed passenger didn’t like being told what do by an authority figure, and ultimately paid the price.

Moreover this seems to be a growing mindset among a segment of the population that will us every excuse imaginable in creating a false narrative of discrimination.

The dust-up took place when Imani Cezanne sporting an attitude boarded a flight in Charlotte, North Carolina, hoping to get to Atlanta, Georgia.

However she didn’t quite make it to her destination, because her confrontational attitude kicked in, running her mouth on the tarmac at a flight attendant who was attempting to simply switch a passenger's seat (who didn’t speak English) in order to have an emergency exit attended by someone who did speak English, as per the airline’s safety policy.

However Cezanne felt it her duty to interfere with both the flight attendant who was attempting to do her job and the passenger, demanding to know what was so problematic about the foreign passenger sitting there.

According to Cezanne account the flight attendant said that “if she is unable to explain procedure, she must seat someone else in the exit row.” Seems reasonable enough to most rational people, but to someone with an attitude, it was the flight attendant being racist, even though she wasn’t the one told to move.

Obviously as predicted it didn’t end well for Cezanne who continued being difficult, and was finally booted off the plan. Cezanne demanded to know why she was getting the boot, for which she was allegedly told, “Because my flight attendant feels threatened.”

Do you think this entitled BLM brat is really just looking for some cash through a lawsuit?

h/t: Mad World News



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