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One has to seriously wonder what’s in the drinking water at this fast food restaurant, called “Krystal” in Alabama and the shabby way the staff treated this law enforcement officer; this restaurant has apparently become a “police free zone!”

Not exactly what an owner of any fast food or retail business might want to advertise to those less than honest people visiting your establishment, for something else other than food!

Of course having the wife of the police officer taking to Facebook posting; “It’s a shame that police officers that protect and serve their communities are denied service.

After waiting in the drive thru in his patrol car they never acknowledged my husbands order. He went inside in his uniform and every worker walked away from the counter to the back of the store.”


Doesn’t exactly help your business thrive, obviously this restaurant hires some pretty stupid people, and “Krystal” is apparently feeling the burn stating;

“We take this allegation very seriously and have spoken with the entire Irondale Krystal team in addition to reviewing surveillance footage. Our policy is to serve all guests promptly and with a smile. In this case, we clearly did not meet the officer’s expectations and we want to correct it.”

However why anyone would bother going back to this joint, is beyond me, in that this officer would be a fool to actually “eat anything” in this place!

People took their outrage to social media to condemn the actions of these disrespectful employees:



h/t: AFF

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