Colorado criminals take note: This town no longer has a police force.

Chief Timothy Bradley submitted his resignation the day before the new mayor took the oath of office and the rest of the force – all three deputies – followed suit in show of solidarity.

The town is Green Mountain Falls.

For the time being, law enforcement duties will be shared by the sheriff departments from the two counties the town straddles in the mountains just west of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Residents in the town of 700 were told about the “mass” resignation at a town meeting, but no explanations were offered, leaving the community with no cops and lots of questions.

Reporters from the Denver Post and Colorado Springs Gazette newspapers drove to the police station to get the scoop direct from the source, but found the building dark and the door locked.

The new mayor, Jane Newberry, claimed she did not know what prompted the police force to resign, saying, “In an election year there’s always some people who choose to stay and some people who choose to go and I think that happens at every level of government. He is pursuing other opportunities as I understand and good luck to him.”

Anonymous sources told the reporters, however, that Newberry had supported a proposal to privatize security for the town when she served on the City Council, which was opposed by Bradley and the rest of the force.

While crime may not be as serious an issue for the town as it is in Chicago, or even nearby Colorado Springs, the population can double during the summer months, and the recent uptick in so-called “pot tourism” that brings thousands to the state to enjoy legal marijuana has brought with it an increase in vagrancy that has many residents concerned.

While the mayor expressed confidence in the two county sheriff departments to keep the peace, residents in remote areas know that response time from nearby cities can mean the difference between life and death, especially when inclement weather such as mountain blizzards, makes travel treacherous.

Source: Fox21

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