This happened over Memorial Day, back in May, but it is well worth the reminder that censorship is alive and well in America. A young teenager, who aspires to be one of “the few, the proud”, a US Marine, in an attempt to show his patriotism, wore a t-shirt with a US Marines image on the front on Memorial Day. Joey Schell was met with disciplinary action by his Little Caesar’s supervisor.

Little Caesar’s was founded by a US Marine, which adds a bit of irony to the situation. That particular franchise, according to Schell has an informal policy of relaxed dress code on holidays, so he believed it to be okay to wear his US Marines t-shirt on Memorial Day. Apparently, it was not okay.

It is unclear if the young man was fired for wearing the attire or for walking off his shift. Either way, he was terminated, ultimately over his US Marines t-shirt.

“I decided to wear a U.S. Marines shirt to work, because usually on holidays we’re allowed to dress up,” Schell told reporters. “It’s one of the holidays I’m most passionate about, because I’m planning to become a Marine. I was trying to say Memorial Day matters to me.”

One can argue the merits of the situation on both sides of the aisle when it comes to private businesses and dress codes, as well as that of informal policy precedent set by other relaxed dress-down holidays. Regardless, we are in a day and age where it seems that any display of patriotism is seen as offensive.

When you have a company founded by a US Marine, you would think that of all holidays, Memorial Day would be the day when an informal dress code policy attached to holidays would be upheld. Instead, it looks like Little Caesar’s is playing it both ways; as in, a relaxed holiday dress code when it suits them and only if the manager likes what that person is wearing.

If Mr. Schell had dressed up in a rainbow t-shirt, would he have lost his job? Doubtful.

Sources: Mr Conservative



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