Here we go again. Just days after some low lifes working at a Arby's in Florida refused to serve a police officer now this.

In Lewisville Texas on Tuesday night a Whataburger employee, who was the manager, told two off-duty officers they couldn't order food.

The officers were in uniform while working a security job so the employee could know exactly these were cops that he was refusing to serve.

The officers reported that the man said to their face, "we don't serve police officers".

Watch the Fox 4 news report of the incident here:

Just like the employee at the Arbys in Florida, the fast food chain has taken swift action and fired the employee and released the following statement:

“We were appalled to hear of an employee refusing service to two officers, as we have proudly served first responders across our system for decades. As soon as we heard of this isolated incident, we began our own internal investigation overnight. The employee that refused service is no longer employed with Whataburger. We’ve also invited the officers back today so we can apologize in person and make this right.”

Whataburger also released this tweet about the incident:
Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.00.26 PM

Oh, in case you were wondering the officers didn't let this rude employee bother them at all. They just headed over to Dairy Queen. Well played.

Source: Epic Times



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