If anything this unimaginable campaign season is bringing out lots of bizarre and strange conspiracies and rumors from both sides of the political aisle, the latest to emerge seems to be the color red, or was it crimson or perhaps there was just a little too much blue, quick get the “color wheel!”

The dust-up with color apparently took place after both Clinton and Trump won their respective contests and to celebrate the event is what New York City and the Empire State Building have done for decades light up the building in whatever color is appropriate, when the New York Yankees or Mets win a pennant or a World Series, those team colors shine bright!

This time in a partnership with CNN, the landmark building was set to change colors as the projected winners were announced. But as the building turned red to signify Trump as the winner, Twitter users thought the image was more like a foreboding than a celebration, with reactions ranging from confusion to fear that the apocalypse had begun.

CNN’s color schemes seemed quite reasonable to some, but the red choice for Trump set off Twitter users.

Obviously this campaign season is making everyone a bit strange, however take heart Trump supporter, whether it’s apple red, or blood red…’The Donald” won in a landslide, taking 88-delegates out of 91, and capturing almost 60% of the woman’s vote…in short “what’s in color!

Check out all the comments on social media about this "celebration" of Trump's victory.

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