A story making the rounds on social media reminds us just how biased and selective the media can be when it comes to what they focus on during the daily news cycle. The story of little Antonio West is one most have not seen on TV or in print. While it did get some coverage when it happened, there were no protests, riots, work stoppages or public figures rallying beside the family in staged self-promoting press conferences. No poor Antonio was all but forgot about after the 24hr news cycle.


Sherry West, Antonio's mom, was confronted by two teens who told her “If you don’t give me money, I’m going to shoot your baby.” and did just that moments later, killing Antonio. This wasn't the first time the two teens have been targeting innocent people, just two weeks earlier one of the teens was accused of attacking a local pastor. The oldest teen, 17 year old De’Marquise Elkins, who's Facebook showed to be gang affiliated, along with 15 year old Dominique Lang left the scene with Sherry in hysterics, with a gun shot wound of her own and a child fighting for its young life.

The teens were later arrested and prosecuted, but not without their legal team making the argument for Antonio's own mother being involved. Police and the legal system disagreed. The evidence and the alibis of the two teens just didn't add up. It was actually Elkins mother, not Antonio's that was guilty of wrong doing, she got 10 years for disposing of the murder weapon for her son.




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