In this day and age of technology, let alone self-edification material via the internet, is humanity truly as stupid as the writer in Elle magazine, Sady Doyle, insinuates.

The cover of Newsweek magazine featured a picture of an in-womb developing child. Ms. Doyle wants to know;

“Why Does Newsweek’s ‘Abortion Wars’ Cover Show a Cartoon Fetus Instead of a Woman?”

Ms. Doyle is shocked that the fetus looks like a baby, a “well-developed, relatively late-term fetus.”

While she describes herself as “flabbergasted,” there is really no other way to describe the impression of Ms. Doyle's intellect, or lack thereof. 

Any reader with an IQ over 12 would reach this conclusion.

“It looks about five times bigger than the translucent, two-inch-long fetuses you normally find at that stage.”

Just how would someone so seemingly ignorant of “where babies come from” possibly know or understand child development? She portrays herself as an expert and the image as “misleading” because, “the embryo being removed,” presumably she means during abortion, “is less ‘futuristic Gerber baby,’ and more ‘lentil-sized clump of cells.”

Yes, Ms. Doyle, that is what happens when a baby is dismembered via tearing with sharp implements and the parts sucked through a quasi-blender.

Her concerns are abortion doctors, rape victims, poor women, and those who “aren’t able to pursue educations” because of the inconvenience of an unwanted pregnancy.

If anything is representative of lentil-sized clump of cells it is Ms. Doyle’s brain.

Source: News Busters



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