Now this is just more liberal BS.

Democrat poser Elizabeth Warren took advantage of a recent photo-op in New York City standing next to "Fearless Girl" -- the liberal answer to Wall Street's "Charging Bull" symbolizing America's financial power and confidence.

The defiant bronze tyke sculpture has stood staring down the bull since March as an unwelcome -- at least to the bull's creator, Arturo Di Midauro -- companion piece to the menacing 7,000-pound bronze bovine.

In real life, Fearless Girl would be running skirt flapping to save her pre-pubescent skin. But this is just more liberal style over substance, as Warren tweets, "Fight like a girl."

Like they do against Muslim rapists in Sweden and Germany, Senator Warren?

Warren, the fearless senator from Massachusetts, whose claim of Native American blood is questionable at best, champions herself a kind of tough girl standing up against the big corporate power structure.

"Big banks, powerful corporations and billionaires -- people who can afford to hire armies of lobbyists and lawyers -- have amassed more and more wealth," she wrote in a CNN op-ed last year. "Meanwhile, the foundations of our once strong middle class have begun to crumble, and families have been caught in a terrible squeeze."

Words. Of course, Warren failed to mention her own millionaire status, which would make her one of the country's wealthiest "Native Americans."

CNN Money placed the former Harvard bankruptcy law professor's net worth at $3.7 million to $10 million, putting her in the nation's top 1 percent, just like the Wall Street money men she claims to be taking on.

Warren is also the proud owner of a three-story mansion in Boston's ritzy Cambridge section. The home is currently valued at around $2 million.

With all of her net assets and income combined, Warren ranks as the 76th wealthiest out of 541 senators.

But don't let the numbers fool you. Warren's fighting for the little gals, looking down from above.

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Source: Daily Wire


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