Considering the fact that this well-publicized salary issue among female employees has long been a well-known “secret” for years, and still hasn’t been resolved simply highlights how much Warren and Clinton take “for granted” their base of loyal young female voters.

Moreover perhaps the more relevant question then the discrepancy of wages is why would seemingly bright young “self-described feminists” vote for either of these two characters?

It would seem obvious to most logical individuals that when you pay your female staff $20,000 less annually than your male counterparts for doing the exact same job, something is terribly wrong.

To be more precise the annual median salary among male staffers working for Sen. Warren totaled $73,750, while female staffers doing the exact same job averaged $52,750, or to be more exact earned 71-cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts.

Moreover, Warren “ever-the-politician” frequently uses woman’s issues as a campaign theme geared towards her base of star-struck females, posting on her Senate Twitter account; “I cannot believe I have to give another speech fighting for equal pay for equal work for women.”

However as stated Warren isn’t the only “FEMINIST” taking advantage of her base of blissful fools, there’s another.

Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and perhaps the most disingenuous “feminist” of all, when one considers as the top official within the State Department men were paid $16,000 more on average than woman according to records from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

Need more proof? Well then consider this, as the senior Senator from New York, Clinton paid her female staff $15,000 less annually than her male counterparts, and as the Democratic Presidential nominee, she paid her female campaign staff $7,000 less than their male counterparts.

Tweets about equal pay are easy. "Putting your money where your mouth is" isn't easy when you're liberal women's champion, Elizabeth Warren.

The irony once again is the total disconnect by her female supporters who seem oblivious to the facts compared to the political spin: "Hillary Clinton continues to argue that the deck is stacked for those at the top, making it harder for families to get ahead and stay ahead, especially women.

Source: Free Beacon"

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