A 62-year-old man and his 66-year-old wife were at their home when three armed men knocked on the door and forced their way inside. The older man who didn’t recognize even one of them tried to close the door, but he could not resist the force behind the armed intruders.

The robbers thoroughly beat the man, creating dangerous head wounds and cut his wife’s hand open after forcefully dragging her nude self out of the bathtub. The robbers then tied up the couples before searching their home for money and other valuables. For some unknown reasons, the intruders left the home for a moment and the 62-year-old was able to free himself and lock the front door. He freed his wife as well and they retreated to their bedroom for safety.

The intruders then busted down the now locked front door and the man had only one option left, to retrieve his own gun from a lock box to defend their lives. He fired two shots when the intruders forced their bedroom door open. The home owner ended up shooting one of the bandits, and they fled. Close to two hours later in the Federal Way, the police were informed that a man with gunshot wounds was lying dead in the parking lot of an apartment complex.

According to Fox13 in Washington, the suspect who was shot has died from the injury sustained during the robbery and the other two suspects are now in custody. Read more at: FoxQ13



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