In the world of unintended consequences flowing from ill-conceived and politically motivated policy, the young recruits and victims of renewed gang warfare in the nation’s capital weren’t considered, although the warning signs were all in place.

President Obama’s executive action to allow tens of  thousands of unaccompanied minors entry into the United States is bearing poison fruit as they are now being exploited by the notoriously violent MS-13 gang on both sides of the knife.

Experts in gang intervention attribute a sharp increase in gang-related murders with the newly arrived youths from Central America, who are prime recruiting targets for gangs, according to Fairfax County gang prevention coordinator Ed Ryan.

“They are certainly susceptible. They are new, they have very little family, they don’t know the language very well. They are looking for someone who looks like them, talks like them.”

MS-13, which is also known as Mara Salvatrucha, is well-known for its particularly vicious method of slaying its victims with machetes and knives, and has been linked to at least eight murders in Virginia and Maryland in the past twelve months, after gang-related violence in the area had subsided.

Three gang members charged in the murder of a 17-year-old in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area entered the country illegally in 2013 after Obama announced that any unaccompanied minor who made it across the border would not be deported.

In two homicides in Fairfax County, Virginia, the details were so horrific that local police have refused to issue press releases beyond noting that the FBI took charge of the investigation that led to murder charges against seven MS-13 gang-members.

This week, the trial of 13 gang members facing charges related to three vicious killings and the attempted murder of members who attempt to leave the gang or were suspected of “snitching” to the government underscores the untenable choices facing the young Central Americans who arrived in America with no provisions having been made for them beyond serving as pawns of the Obama administration’s policy to eviscerate immigration laws and open the border once and for all.




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