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The “personal insult” should really be from those critical thinking hard-working African-Americans who believed in this man, only to be disappointed and betrayed for the last 8-years, and by his delusional attempt to somehow link his dismal performance as president, with the current plight taking place within the inner cities of America, including the daily carnage in Obama’s hometown of Chicago.

Moreover, one can only be amazed at the sheer audacity of Obama’s unbridled ego, in his delusional attempt to link his own lackluster legacy with that of perhaps the most corrupt politician within modern American history.

This fairytale of Obama’s accomplishments was once again performed Saturday night at the 46th Annual Legislative Conference Phoenix Awards Dinner of the Congressional Black Caucus.

In which the President told those in attendance that he would consider it a “personal insult” to his legacy if those who supported him, did not support Clinton.

No doubt Obama feels that an average 1 ½% GDP growth rate and a growing welfare economy within the African-American community, and over 50% unemployment rate among African-American youths is a legacy to be proud of, which once again should be a “personal insult” to every hard-working, law-abiding individual regardless of skin pigmentation.

Do you think Obama shows he's a true narcissist by saying that the future President is a threat to his legacy?

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