Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson spoke recently at a rally held outside the Capitol to voice his opinions and concerns about Obama's major fumble with the Iran nuke deal. He had major concerns with the compromised safety of American citizens due to the nuke deal, obviously. However, He seemed to have major concerns with our Israeli allies.

"They wrote the Bible. That's why I love them" he proclaimed when speaking about Israel.

He went on to explain why he fears the idiotic Iranian nuke deal.

“I don't do deals with individuals whoever they are, when they're hollering at the top of their lungs when I walk out the place where we're doing the deal, and they're saying: 'Death to you! We're going to kill you.'”

I mean come on Obama how can you ever in your right mind arm a country that constantly chants their 'Death to America' Anthem.

He worries that this deal endangers "the most faithful ally that we have.”

And he's right!

"They wrote the Bible, for crying out loud. Therefore, you never, ever want to put them in unnecessary danger, which this deal will do.” Said Robertson.

If you ask me Robertson put this in the most basic and clear terms possible and he hit the nail on the head. Obama's massive blunders in the Iranian nuke deal not only put american citizens at grave risk, but, like Robertson said, they endangered one of our most faithful allies.

Phil couldn't have been more right about the Iran deal when he said "Stop the Iran Deal"

Plain and simple. Maybe Obama will be able to understand it when it's this simple and set out in front of him. Probably not...

Source: CNS News

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