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It seems almost impossible within this hostile climate of political revolution, that the ruling political establishment and in particular the Democratic Party along with the Democratic National Convention can long endure the countless acts of corruption, incompetence and willful criminality.

While the Clinton scandals have been public knowledge and are numerous, it’s the organization itself, the DNC, that has allowed, encouraged and rewarded overt acts of corruption in favoring and rigging the election process in favor of Hillary Clinton.

When it was revealed publicly at the start of the convention that hacked emails showing DNC officials rigging the process, CEO Amy Dacey had little recourse but to also resign on Tuesday, following the lead of perhaps the most incompetent person to ever hold the title of “chairperson” Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The bloodletting continued with the departure of CFO Brad Marshall and Communications Director Luis Miranda, which brings the current total of high level officials resigning, departing, leaving, fired and or bounced stands at 4 with no doubt more to follow.

There’s little doubt that those leaked internal emails showing that the DNC not only favored Clinton over Sanders, but also had a direct hand in his defeat, will certainly not sit well with many Bernie supporters, who have vowed never to vote for Hillary.

Moreover this may just be the tip of the email scandal, in that WikiLeaks has promised more of the same, perhaps we may finally get what the FBI apparently couldn’t…an indictment?

Do you think forthcoming Wikileaks hacks of the Clinton campaign and the DNC substantially bolster Trump's bid for the Presidency?

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Source: Fox

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