Shoppers at the Zona Rio shopping center got a big surprise when a radio controlled drone helicopter fell from the sky on to the parking lot below, but the biggest surprise was the contents onboard ; over 6lbs. of crystal methamphetamine. The drone, a near 1500$ Spreading Wings 900 by DJI, is often used by amature film makers and hardcore hobbyists alike to do aerial photography and videography. But this was no film production, this was a crime. Authorities called the find "unprecedented" and the first of it's kind on record.



The plaza is just steps away from the border on the Mexican side and authorities suspect the drugs were headed toward the US, but it is still not known exactly what way the cargo was going. But it is likely that the cargo was its ultimate downfall, you see the Spreading Wings 900 is only rated for about 5 pounds of flit power. They would have known this if they had only watched the promo video for the craft or perhaps their greed just got the best of them.

Is this the next wave of narco trafficking from Mexico to America? I can remember when cartels would tunnel under the border, but this is the future it seems. If a wall can't stop a drone, do we need to have officers shooting them out of the sky?

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