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 “I thought, ‘What would Mommy say if she was awake … Mommy would say go get help.’”

That was the thinking of 5-year of Lexi Syhmanski upon waking up and assessing her surroundings and situation. While traveling with her mom and baby brother, between Prince George British Columbia and Calgary, the trio had been involved in a car accident.

The mother had fallen asleep at the wheel, and had driven her vehicle off the road, and down a 40-foot cliff.

Lexi awoke to find her mother, Angela, bowed over the steering wheel and her baby brother crying. She managed to wriggle free of her 5-point harness and go for help.

With the tenacity and fearless that all young children possess, barefoot Lexi scaled the rocky cliff. At the roadside she began to flag down help.

A motorist stopped, as one would upon seeing a scratched-up, bloodied-up, barefoot young child waving for help. She led them man, who just so happened to be a paramedic, to her mom and brother. Lexi’s mother had broken her neck, and upon seeing this the paramedic knew Life Flight was needed.

The family was taken to a nearby hospital, mom’s neck was addressed, as was the bleed-on-the brain of the infant son.

If it wasn’t for Lexi’s quick thinking, and the motorist being a paramedic, things could have turned out much different, and tragically so.

Source: Mad World News



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