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The phrase “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again,” should perhaps be the new state motto of the Lone Star state.

Thanks in part to Texas’s fierce independence and Governor Greg Abbott’s refusal in allowing sanctuary cities to flourish within the state, by taking state grant funding away from county Sheriffs who actually support this insane policy of protecting criminal illegal aliens.

The Governor recently announced the plan to take state funding away which is offered by the Criminal Justice Division, (CJD), to counties as long as they implement ICE detainees for criminal immigrants

In addition, any division who reports they are complying but fails to do so will have to repay the grant funding.

ICE, Immigration Customs Enforcement, has relaxed their own policies of detaining criminal illegal’s with a program called “catch and release”, which has contributed to the deaths of many innocent victims at the hands of criminal aliens all around the country.

The illegal criminals are caught and jailed but then released, regardless of immigration law that mandates they be deported, rather than simply released back onto society.

There are sanctuary cities all across the country, mainly in large suburban areas such as Chicago, Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, and of course in San Francisco where Kathryn Steinle, the young woman who was brutally gunned down by an illegal alien with multiple felony convictions.

Governor Abbott is wielding his legislative power to enforce this law in Texas.



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