“We have to protect our people, they’re being beheaded.”(Donald Trump)

 While in Las Vegas, Trump addressed the hunting down and killing of Christians, at the hands of ISIS. He also said, not only are Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East, they are being targeted around the globe wherever there is a strong Muslim population.

America, is no exception, although we appear to be targeting Christians in another manner; discrimination.

Trump alleges that Syrian immigrants, presumably Muslims, are able to navigate the immigration process into this country with relative ease. Christians, originating from the Middle East, and he makes the point of them originating from Syria, are not afforded this same opportunity. Trump says they are not allowed in.

If this is true, then the United States is complicit. It is difficult to imagine that our country, one that was founded on Judaeo-Christian beliefs, would shut the door in the face of Christians. Yet, when one considers the pandering that our President does with respect to Muslims, how he likes to remind us how “peaceful” the religion is, how he refuses to call terrorism what it is, and how he erroneously teaches us all about violence waged against Muslims at the hands of Christians, you can easily reach the same end point; that Obama favors Muslims.

It can be said that Obama’s silence actually speaks volumes in this regard. He is loud and clear in a vacuum of disregard for his own supposed faith.

It is utterly shameful that he has brought the persecution of Christians to our shores. They should be protected. If nothing else right now, we all need to pray for them.

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