President Obama has again decided that he is going to try and set precedent. If there's anything that Barack has proved throughout his presidency, it's that he will do something politically dense and ill-advised just so that he can make a statement and have something else to put down in the history books.

Obama's most recent attempt at securing a spot for himself in the limelight happened as he set foot in Cuba, the first sitting president to visit the island country since 1928.

But Obama's efforts to make his visit to Cuba a big deal fell flat when Raul Castro, Cuba's leader since Fidel Castro left his position as supreme leader, didn't even meet him at the airport.

Republicans everywhere noticed the snub but Obama appeared too embarrassed to say or do anything about it.

"Wow, President Obama just landed in Cuba, a big deal, and Raul Castro wasn't even there to greet him. He greeted Pope and others. No respect," said Republican front-runner Donald Trump on Twitter. His tweet was favorited--Twitter's version of "liking" something--over 30,000 times.

It's clear that the American public agrees with Trump's statement. Obama was snubbed and embarrassed, but he went on with his visit to try and smooth things over.

That smoothing over went south when news broke that Castro's regime had arrested and imprisoned over 50 Cuban dissidents who oppose the harsh, Communist rule. Those dissidents, however, got nowhere near the screen time or media focus that Obama's simple speech and presence in Cuba did.

But did Obama take the opportunity to call out Cuba for their harsh rule and demand change?

Of course not.

This is the president who's fine with status quo and not rocking the boat--even if the boat is a Communist regime that desecrates human rights and dignity right under his nose.

Obama, you're an embarrassment. Stop trying and let someone else take over.

h/t: News Max

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