“Less blood, more security. That is what will make America great again.”
Donald Trump, Republican Presidential Candidate, as told to Breitbart.

That statement by Donald Trump was in regard to the importance of the Second Amendment, and more importantly with respect to the concealed carry permit holders of America.

Carrying a gun is one way to “…raise serious doubts in the minds of those who might be considering violence in America.”

As we have seen recently, terrorists tend to attack those places where people are overwhelmingly un-armed, be it on a passenger jet-liner or in a concert hall.

Even in this country, maniacs with guns go after the un-armed in campus and theater venues, or even at our ridiculously un-armed military facilities.

That should give us all pause, because if more people carried concealed, or heck if more states allowed for open-carry, the cowardly terrorists who attack un-armed civilians, because they don’t fight fair, would think twice about attacking a group of armed people.

Trump said the truth about concealed carrying is, “…as much intended to deter criminal activity as it is to provide direct defense of those who have those permits.”

Not to mention it provides protection to those among us who don’t carry.

Even one person carrying concealed ups the chances of survival for all those un-armed potential victims of a jihadist.

As opposed to un-armed victims who will provide the fish in the barrel for the terrorist to shoot.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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