If there’s one thing we’ve learned about “The Donald” is that he doesn’t back away from what he says, no matter how “politically incorrect” the topic.

You can bet your last “ruble’ that when “The Donald” announces in public that he will begin pressing charges against the “crazies’ (protesters) he will indeed.

“I hope these guys get thrown in jail,” Trump said after one of the dozen or so groups of protesters was escorted from the Arvest Bank Theater at The Midland.

He continued; “They’ll never do it again, it will destroy their record. They’ll have to explain to mommy and daddy why they have a police record and why they can’t get a job.”

“They’re probably good kids. I don’t want to ruin people’s lives. But the only way we’re gonna stop this craziness is if we press charges. Because then their lives are gonna be ruined, they’re gonna know their lives are gonna be ruined. So I’ll just tell you folks, from now on, if you do anything, we’re pressing charges, okay?”

Obviously our right to protest is as fundamental as our right to bear arms, however the incidents in both Chicago and later in Ohio where a demonstrator rushed the stage where “The Donald” was speaking, poses a direct physical threat to not only the candidate, but to the thousands of Trump supporters who were intimidated and in some cases physically assaulted in Chicago.

Do you think Trump is in the right to press charges against violent and disruptive protesters?

h/t: Daily Caller

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