"Peaceful" liberals interrupt a Trump rally in Chicago.

It seems that some things never actually change, and no matter how many decades pass what took place Friday and Saturday at several Trump events is indicative of what the loony left or more accurately the “crazies” do almost unabated…riot, physically disrupt, and or attempt to assault those they disagree with, as evidenced by the mayhem purposely created in Chicago.

The mayhem created simply needs a little fuel, someone to strike that match, and the excuse needed to begin the chaos and justify the near riot that almost took place in the “windy city”, and until another incident takes place, to once again mobilize the “crazies”.

The video chronicles how easy it is to purposely create mayhem within the Trump arena, watch as this mole starts an altercation with a Trump supporter, punches him in the face, and is allowed to go free by one of “Chicago’s finest, and now read his lips right at the end: “I don’t care”.

Ironically it’s the same exact blueprint used by the “crazies” in both Ferguson and in Baltimore, the “crazies” simply needed an excuse to riot, in short they needed someone to light that fuse, and a white cop fighting for his life against a crazed thug (who happened to be black), was the perfect storm to strike that match and light that fuse…”right” or “wrong” it makes little difference to the “crazies.”

Moreover their goal is always the same; “stop free speech” whenever threatened! Ironically one character of the turbulent 60’s radical Bill Ayers (a Obama disciple), was back on the streets doing his thing, and is now “what else” but a “college professor.” Some things never change.

h/t: GOP The Daily Dose


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