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Do you think, by any stretch of the imagination, that President Obama respects the sovereignty of the nation of Israel?

Do you view Obama’s actions regarding Israel, his interactions as few and far between as they are with Israel, or his speeches about Israel, as coming remotely close to a showing of support for our greatest ally in the Middle East?


Well, then you are in keeping with the views of one of the Republican presidential candidates; Donald Trump.

Donald Trump believes that President Obama hates Israel, he believes that Israel thinks Obama hates them, and he says that “Israel is safe with this one,” meaning himself.

Without a doubt, Obama is antagonistic toward Israel, if not outright anti-Semitic, and notice there has been no denial of that coming from the White House.

We should be grateful that Israel has not turned their back on the USA, and appears to be biding their time, same as we are, in riding out this final year of the travesty in the White House.

Source: American News


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