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What’s the deal with addled brained emotionally distributed celebrities either threatening to leave America or wishing that Donald Trump “die in a grease fire?”

Obviously actor Don Cheadle is one sick puppy, in his bizarre rant targeting the Republican presidential nominee. Moreover the day-long Twitter tirade should send a red flag to Trump’s secret service detail to investigate this loon who began posting on Saturday calling Trump a “POS” and referencing people of his “ilk” for being responsible for the violence and mayhem taking place in Obama’s Chicago.

Apparently the 51-year old actor took exception to Trump’s suggestion that the continued murders in the “windy city” might enlighten more African-American voters to take a serious look at Trump.

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“You are truly a POS,” Cheadle tweeted in the first of over twenty messages the actor posted on Twitter.

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“Sorry. I misspelled ‘die in a grease fire,'” he tweeted soon after.

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The ranting continued as Cheadle lashed out at pretty much anyone who is not voting for Hillary:

When one Twitter user told Cheadle the candidate was “clearly right” about the severity of violence in Chicago, the actor responded that people like Trump are “contributors to the conditions” that make the city so violent. The actor also accused the Republican nominee of throwing out “red meat” to his “alt-right troglodytes.”

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The issue of gun violence within the inner cities has become a focal point that celebrity African-American entertainers, either wish to ignore or in Cheadle’s case create their own phony narrative, in that liberal progressive policies combined with phony black activists have used the race card to enrich themselves for decades.

All Don Cheadle needs to do is look around and perhaps rather than ranting at someone who has never held elective office, actually do a little home-grown research, as to the true cause of why cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Newark and Chicago are in such disarray, however I have a feeling that Cheadle is a pretty bright guy and already knows the answer.

Source: Breitbart

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