For those of us old enough to remember the infamous “Saturday Night Massacre” of Special Watergate Prosecutor Archibald Cox, Friday afternoon’s announcement by FBI Director James Comey, that he was re-opening the Clinton email case had the exact same effect, as it did in 1973, by putting our Republic on a collision course with our own laws and institutions.

However if there is a silver-lining to come out of this political earthquake, it’s that the American people are finally paying attention and perhaps understand regardless of politics, that we all hold the power to right the course of our nation through the voting booth come November 8th and perhaps avoid the dangerous path we’re on.

Moreover the self-inflected political wounds currently suffered by the Obama/Clinton gang is of their own doing, in their unbridled attempt to deceive, manipulate and corrupt the political process, and the consequences of electing a corrupt dishonest and perhaps criminal individual to the White House, would indeed spiral this Republic towards a “constitutional crisis” the likes of which we’ve never experienced.

Friday’s decision by FBI Director Comey to inform congress that roughly 675,000 Clinton emails were discovered on the shared laptop of both Huma Abedin and her husband and child sex offender Anthony Weiner, apparently caught even Attorney General (and Clinton surrogate) Loretta Lynch off guard.

There’s little doubt however that Abedin will likely face criminal charges for lying to the FBI, and also perhaps obstruction of justice charges, stemming from the discovery of these emails on the shared laptop, which of course raises the possibility that these emails may have also been hacked further from Weiner’s, simply because of the perverse nature of this individual, and raises all sorts of possibilities in regards to our national security.

It was also reported prior to the FBI Director’s independent decision not to seek anyone’s approval, that Lynch was attempting to block any additional investigations of the Clinton emails, regardless of Comey’s promise to do so to congress, which apparently has blown up in Lynch’s face.

Just a few weeks back Trump correctly predicted it would be Abedin who would bring Hillary down:

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