Bodies keep piling up around Hillary but just like the rest of her 'victims' she doesn't seem to be very good at hiding it. She is struggling to stay above water as the election comes down to the home stretch. Now that body count has just risen by 1 but before she could clean it up one very damning secret managed to get out to the world, that she never wanted anyone to know.

The Clinton's seem to have very little regard for human life and their past has shown that they will stop at nothing to get what they want. With a track record as shady as the Clintons' that seem to have countless bodies dropping like flies around them that just so happen to be at very 'convenient' times for Clinton's. Some might say it's a little too 'convenient' to be called coincidence.

With the entire country questioning Hillary's health it's a little odd to think that a man with this sort of medical relationship with Hillary would turn up dead just by accident. Dr. Sandeep Sherleka was responsible for helping to remove Hillary Clinton's blood clot in December of 2012, and was just found dead.

It's no secret that Hillary has severe health problems that she has been fighting for years. When she collapsed in 2012, they had to take her unconscious body over MedStar Montgomery Medical Center in Olney, Maryland, where they have advanced non-invasive technology capable of discovering clots in the brain.

The media is telling the story that the doctor was involved in some legal trouble and rather than deal with it took his own life. Many are questioning this explanation, however, because of his past that doesn't coincide with this narrative at all.

It's coming out that Dr. Sherlekar was "deeply loved by his patients" and was devout follower of the Hindu religion. Now being such a religious man forced him to follow a strict moral code and he actually aided the FBI in catching a few of his co-workers.

Reports indicate that the doctor was able to help officials for two years, between 2012 and 2014, while they worked to procure a guilty plea against Chief Financial Officer Vic Wadhwa of American Spine Center. At the time Dr. Sherlekar worked there as well and helped expose Wadhwa for getting $459,000 in "kickbacks/bribes."

The story takes a strange turn, however. The same agents that Dr. Sherlekar had helped to expose the crimes, turned right around and Sherlekar of the same crimes. Within 8 days the man was discovered of what looked to be a suicide.

It seems pretty odd that a man who was renowned and loved by his patients and colleagues, who is a strict follower of his own religion, which sees suicide and death as direct violations of the code of ahimsa (non-violence) would take his own life for being charged with the things he helped the FBI catch other people for.

Things are looking very fishy and when you start to think about the many other "victims" that have had mysterious deaths and strange connections to the Clinton family, it starts to be a bit too hard to believe this suicide narrative that is being spun by the mainstream media. Could this man have known something about Hillary's health condition that has recently been brought back into the spotlight, that maybe Hillary didn't want the world to know? Or did he know of something far worse and the legal troubles were just the beginning of some corrupt plot to take him down, so he just expedited the process and took his own life?

Likely we will never know the truth but it certainly doesn't make us trust Hillary anymore and goes along with the common theme that we've seen, the closer you are to the Clintons the more you better watch your back.

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Source: Mad World News

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