Hope for a citizen-President, or at least a citizen-candidate for the presidency, increased last week as news emerged that famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson has hired a national finance director in apparent preparation for a 2016 White House run. One of Carson’s advisors, Terry Giles, has indicated that Amy Pass, president of the Pass Group, LLC, has agreed to act as national finance director of Carson’s campaign in the event that he decides to run.

Pass was a fund-raiser for Newt Gingrich, and in that capacity helped to raise over $52 million for his 527 organization. She was also Gingrich’s national finance director during his White House run.

“While I believe Dr. Carson will be second to none in grassroots fundraising, we are by no means willing to surrender to anyone regarding traditional approaches,” Giles said.

One indication of how seriously Carson is taking his campaign effort is his decision, in the event of a run, to hire a national finance chairman in addition to Pass. And last week, Carson named Mike Murray, the president and CEO of TMA Direct, to supervise small-dollar grassroots fundraising efforts for the campaign.

Carson’s solidly America-supporting policy positions would be a welcome change from President Obama’s policies of big government, high debt, high long-term unemployment, low and declining wages. And on the issue of race, Carson has offered unifying insights and wisdom that might well serve to heal the racial divisions that have been widening over the past six years. Carson, a noted neurosurgeon, has commented that, having held in his hands the organ that truly makes us what we are, our brains, he finds it difficult to credit differences arising merely from our skin.

Carson has indicated that he will make a final decision concerning his run in May of this year. Many of us are hoping for vibrant and uplifting candidacy and campaign from the good doctor.



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