Airport security has been getting stricter all the time and the future shows no sign of letting up. A new ruling by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) would prohibit residents of states with older driver's license standards to check into domestic flights. Instead they would need a passport.

Passports have long been required for international flights, but domestic flights have, until now, only required a driver's license.

Four states haven't upgraded their IDs to comply with stricter standards, however, and residents of those states could be forced to check into flights with their passports or not at all.

Louisiana, Minnesota, New York, and New Hampshire all have driver's license requirements that aren't strict enough for the TSA's new requirements and that's a problem if you hail from those states.

According to a Minnesota department of safety TSA could begin denying entry to Minnesotans in January of next year. Because Minnesota hasn't upgraded its license systems, if you live in Minnesota you should start on the process of getting a passport right away to avoid the rush.

New Yorkers can pay an extra $30 and have their driver's license be labeled as an "enhanced" license which should qualify them to board domestic flights just fine. For any New Yorkers who feel like they may already have an enhanced license it's important to double check. Publicity about the "enhanced" features were not publicized at all.

Louisiana, luckily, has been granted a waiver by TSA until October first of next year. Residents can use their driver's licenses until then but they need to be looking to upgrade to a passport soon.

And New Hampshire is waived until June first of next year, but the state government doesn't seem to be working to fix the situation.

It's clear that government bureaucracy and stagnation is slowing down progress across the country. This is getting ridiculous, America.

h/t: NBC News

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