As if you didn't need another hacking scandal to think about the Democratic National Committee is in the news again, this time because their confidential servers were hacked. Coming on the heels of the news that Hillary Clinton's private email server also faced multiple hacking attempts, this news is a significant blow to the esteem and security of the DNC.

The DNC, of course, is denying any and all allegations that it was hacked by a pair of Russian cyber-criminal groups  named COZY BEAR and FANCY BEAR. But one of the hackers sent an email to employees of the gossip website Gawker, which contained information that clearly demonstrates that the DNC was hacked.

Among those files were donation records, financial records, and other sundry records relating to the national Democratic scene. Perhaps the most interesting find in all of the information was a 211 page document that was prepared by Democratic personnel to attack Donald Trump.

The document is titled "Donald Trump Report" and it was written back in December 2015 by a member of the Democratic strategy team. The document clearly outlines talking points to be used to hit back at Trump including his proposed ban on Muslims, his record as a "bad businessman," and a short section titled simply "Climate Change Denier."

The dossier also includes a 20-plus page background report on Trump's childhood and business decisions, all put together to give Democrats talking points and fuel to speak badly against the business magnate.

While the DNC continues to deny that it was hacked by the Russians, it's clear that they are simply embarrassed to finally be found out.

And the hackers? The one who emailed all the information over to the folks at Gawker claimed that he had over "100 GBs" of information pulled from the DNC servers. That's a lot of mud to sling around and the DNC should be ready to face embarrassment like never before.

But who's complaining.

h/t: Gawker

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