The majority of viewers tuning in on Sunday to watch the 9/11 memorial ceremonies, never envisioned for a moment seeing perhaps the next leader of the free world collapse virtually into a heap into her SUV, and yet that’s exactly what “we” and the entire world witnessed.

And it’s that vision that will like it or not remain in the memory banks of those yet undecided voters that has the Democrats worried, and rightly so.

The Sunday morning drama prompted an emergency meeting within hours of Clinton’s collapse and talk of a replacement.

And the obvious choice to replace Hillary would be ol turn-coat and part-time Socialist Bernie Sanders himself.

Bernie would of course be the obvious pick, in that he battled Hillary in the primaries and by all rights should inherit the nomination.

This prompted speculation from at least one distressed reporter David Shuster, to tweet out after witnessing what millions of viewers saw; “It is with great trepidation that we must report that apparently the Powers That Be within the Democratic Party are considering drafting a replacement for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after a video of her possibly collapsing from heat stroke or pneumonia emerged today.”


Moreover Hillary is back on the campaign trail with only 3-days rest from Sunday’s collapse, odds are that if she continues campaigning hard she may once again visit the pavement, and soon.

Do you think the DNC has Bernie lined up to step in if Hillary's health continues to be an issue?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: Anon HQ

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