After the recent medical collapse of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during the 9/11 commemoration ceremony held at the Ground Zero Memorial that has been reportedly caused by heatstroke and exhaustion relating to her recent pneumonia diagnosis.

While liberals have been trying to deny that Hillary has any health issues saying that the claims made by the conservatives that she is weak and sickly, unfit to run for president are all just conspiracies her continual failing health only speaks for itself.

The fact is Hillary is too weak to be farther than a few feet from her mysterious medical handler that has been seen standing at the ready with a special medical device to help with seizures. She is too sick to even make it through a speech without having an extreme coughing episode and needing aid from the many people propping up Clinton for her campaign facade.

Now she's proven that she can't even be outside in the mild heat (source have reported that the temperature was in the low 80's at the time of the collapse) during a memorial to commemorate those that lost their lives during the tragic attacks of 9/11.

If she does how do we know she will not collapse again and need secret service to drag her limp body to the handicap car in the motorcade?

Well it's become apparent to more than just the conservatives that she is not fit to lead and the DNC has recently announced that they are conducting an emergency meeting to decide who would be Hillary's replacement, as reported by Anonymous.

MSNBC reporter even tweeted out about the DNC's scramble to figure out how to not crash and burn any further as the election quickly approaches.

Rumors have circulated that her replacement might be Bernie Sanders. This would be a very interesting outcome to observe seeing as they just got over the corruption scandal that took place earlier in the year.

It's going to be hard to convince anyone that Bernie is the right man for the job if the DNC themselves don't even want him and colluded with Clinton to muscle out Bernie and put Hillary in place as the nominee.

One thing is for sure it's not looking great for the left no matter what happens. Either they have a nominee that they don't have confidence in that she is healthy enough to lead, or they have have a nominee that they never wanted in the first place and will now have to come beg on their hands and knees to come back and make a pathetic run at the presidency. Things are looking mighty grim for the dems. Luckily, Trump is looking stronger than ever and with all this chaos and panic on the left he is sure to only strengthen his position as the right man for the American people.

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