One of Bernie Sanders' rallying cries this presidential election has been to "get money out of politics." Democrats across the country are accusing the GOP and its candidates of collecting and spending more money than ever before to try and get elected president.

Unfortunately, the news has just come out that those liberals who call for money to get out of politics are the biggest hypocrites you've ever seen.

The recent news centers on a Political Action Committee called Democrats Win Seats, or the DWS PAC. The DWS PAC is under the leadership of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the current chair of the Democratic National Committee. But the numbers of the DWS show that last year the PAC spent far more money on making the liberals on its payroll fat and happy than it spent on trying to get other Democrats elected.

In the past fiscal year, DWS only paid out $186,000 to the campaigns of various Democrats across the country. That's compared with the $283,000 dollars that the PAC spent on padding the pockets of its employees.

The highest paid employee of Wasserman Schultz's PAC, Lindsey Schulte, was paid over $153,000 by the PAC and also received over $29,000 from Wasserman Schultz's own campaign.

Other employees were paid similarly staggering amounts.

An employee named Jason O'Malley was paid over $69,000 by the PAC but also managed to rake in nearly $20,000 in extra "consulting fees."

It's clear that this PAC isn't doing any other Democrats any good and is simply being used to pad the pocketbooks of Wasserman Schultz's personal friends and confidants.

So much for getting money out of politics. It's clear that Democrats only want more money to be in the political game so that they can spin their webs and bring more of it into their bank accounts.

This is ridiculous and it needs to stop. Wasserman Schultz--enough is enough.

h/t: Washington Free Beacon

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