Failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was at the forefront of calls to impose a national minimum wage of $15, a demand echoed by self-styled Socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, up and coming Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the entire Democrat National Committee.

Despite arguments from employers ranging from huge corporations to “mom and pop shops” that setting the minimum wage that high would not only raise the price of a Big Mac out of the reach of the average hamburger consumer to actually forcing family-run businesses to shutter their doors, The Democratic National Committee adamantly held to a $15 per hour wage as part of their platform.

The position, however, seems harder to put into practice than preach, as the DNC has learned when it was hit with a lawsuit by between 40 and 50 field workers for… underpayment of wages.

The field operatives are the people who do the unglamorous, but necessary work of getting out the vote at the local level – putting up yard signs, making calls, arranging for candidate appearances, driving voters to polling places and doing anything and everything to get the candidate elected.

And to the DNC, they didn’t deserve that magical minimum wage the party argued was owed every American worker.

Except, it would seem if you worked for the DNC.

Philadelphia attorney, Justin Swidler, has filed the suit on the DNC and six state party organizations on behalf of the “field organizers” around the country who were paid short wages for their efforts.

“They got paid a flat salary of $3,000 a month, which isn’t even minimum wage for some of the hours that they were working,” said Swidler.

During the intense, later weeks of the hotly contested 2016 campaign, some workers put in 80 to 90 hour weeks in the effort to elect Hillary Clinton to the presidency “That translates to about $7.69 to $8.65 per hour without a boost in overtime compensation,” the attorney said.

The DNC is claiming it does not have enough money to pay the workers any more than the lower per hour wage, but Swidler found that over one million dollars were paid by the DNC to its own staff members, with interns receiving $500 bonuses after the convention.

The executive director of the DNC received a bonus of around $300,000.

“I think everyone’s reaction is the same. It’s obscene,” Swidler told the local CBS affiliate.

“These workers were out there in a campaign that was promising $15 an hour minimum wage, and expanding the overtime rights of workers,” Swidler continued.

Democrats have also come under fire for failing to practice what they preach when it was revealed that Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a fierce advocate of closing the so-called “gender gap” in pay, actually paid her full-time female employees a mere 71 percent of what their male counterparts earned.

Mrs. Clinton also came under fire for similar discrepancies at the Clinton family foundation.

It would appear that simple economic truth makes sense when it applies to their own organizations but must be stamped out as heartless and cruel when practiced by the people and companies out there actually doing business every day.

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Source: CBS Philly

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