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Does anyone see the sheer irony in this announcement?

In that America’s economy for the last 8-years has been controlled by Democrats, and under this president (a Democrat), our national debt has grown to $18-trillion dollars.

“Astoundingly” Obama within his first term and within less than 6-years in office has added $6.5 trillion dollars to the national debt, more than his 43 predecessors combined.


In short the Democratic Party is doing to itself, what it has done to America, overspending itself into eventual bankruptcy, because of mismanagement and corruption.

According to just released records they’re actually hoping that the tax payer will bail them out.

The Federal Election Commission report reveals that the DNC has $5 million in cash on hand with $6.5 million dollars in debt.

In contrast, the Republican National Committee (RNC) is looking at a $20 million dollar profit after the release of their numbers.

However the issue isn’t just the $1.5 million dollar cash flow problem for the DNC but rather an agreement reached by both parties in 2012 that would divert tax payer money usually equally allotted to both parties however now  earmarked for  pediatric diseases in children, which Wasserman-Schultz, the leader of the DNC wants back, to the tune of $20-million dollars.

Perhaps it would be a better idea rather than hitting up tax payers for the cash, why not those mega rich Democratic legislators, that have become multimillionaires on $175K a year salaries, better yet have Hillary hold a few of those private  Hollywood fund-raising events, that she’s famous for.

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